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in people. now people pay their respects to the father of go-go chuck brown. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. >>> fans began lining up for today's viewing long before the howard theatre opened its doors at 11:00. we have team coverage of today's viewing for the music ledge jendle. we're going to -- legend. we're going to begin with bruce johnson who joins us from the howard theatre. >> reporter: they started lining up a couple of hours ago. i'm surrounded by a few of chuck brown's friends. it's been like this all morning long. wind me up, chuck. let's go to the videotape. ♪ feel like busting loose >> i'm both sad and excited. chuck and i were personal friends for 35, 40 years. >> i'm going to miss him. it ain't going to be the same ever again. >> the godfather of soul. >> the music, man, is unbelievable, manual. just wish -- man. just wish you were in that zone. just keeps you there for the whole party. >> chuck was like a father to me for real. he taught me, you know, the ups and downs of the business. >> we claimed chuck. chuck was ours. and we think, you know, he made it we
's legendary godfather of go-go music. chuck brown. this is the beginning of a long good-bye for chuck. fans are snaking their way past his open casket down at the howard theater. for many, this is not a sad occasion. this is rather a time to celebrate the legacy of an artist who brought the city together for a long time. bruce johnson is live at the howard theater with more on the event still going on tonight. bruce. >> hey derek. we are outside the howard theater. a thinner crowd than we've seen for much of the day. these are people getting off work, dropping by. people were able to find parking places. they are at a premium. in the mid afternoon, most part it has been a festive-like atmosphere out here. this view is supposed to go on until 10:00 tonight. it will go on longer. it is public. it is open to everybody. no cameras inside. i'll give you a glimpse of what it's been like around here. is this a viewing unlike anything you've ever seen in this town. >> within the hour, the street in front of the howard theater has become a carnival and chuck brown, father of go-go, would have want
. >>> remembering a music legend. chuck brown's family is holding a public viewing at the howard theatre. >> fans are already beginning to line up outside the howard waiting to pay tribute to the god father of go go where fox 5s melanie alnwick is live with details. good morning melanie. >> good morning. chuck brown's family just arrived here a few moments ago we do expect members of his band to arrive shortly you can see that the line is now started to build it goes all the way down the block and of course, they are anticipating in will continue the grow as the morning goes on. this as you can imagine is not how the howard theatre planned to host a home coming for its native son instead of a concert to rock the house fans will now file past chuck brown's casket. chuck brown's last limo ride an ivory hearse which carried his casket behind the howard theater final arrivele at stage door. the 75-year-old god father of go go was due to play a sold out show april 21st but fell ill shortly before that. since his death on may 17th fans have been leaving tokens of appropriation on chuck brown way. >> as
:18. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >>> 6:10 now. today begins the public goodbye to chuck brown. the godfather of go-go music died nearly to weeks ago at the age of 57. >> in just a -- age of 75. >> in just a few hours, a public viewing begins. delia goncalves is there live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. we have our first fan who has come here to line up for what is expected to be a really historic day. michael barry, you' originally from d.c., a native, love go-go i'm assuming. you drew this picture of chuck brown. >> yes, i did. thank you. >> reporter: tell me why you came out today and what does this mean for you? >> i remember standing in line to go to some of chuck brown's go-goes, many of the venues around town when i was younger. not even so much younger. but he's a historic part of the city. i really wanted to be here this morning to pay tribute to him. >> reporter: i was remarking before it seems like everybody has a picture with chuck brown. and that shows you just how much he loved his fans. he took time out to take a picture with everyone. tell me about w
investigation. vestigation. >>> chuck brown's family is holing a public viewing at the howard theater today. >> throughout the day, thousands of fans are expected to come out in honor of the godfather of go-go. melanie alnwick is live at howard theater with details on the tribute this morning. >> reporter: good morning. based on the number of media who are already here this morning, it looks like it will be a pretty well attended event. you said thousands of people are expected. we've heard some estimates as many as 20,000 or 30,000 people. it will be quite the scene here this afternoon. the family has made plans for a very quiet, respectful event. the 75-year-old godfather of go- go died may 17th from complications from pneumonia after a lengthy hospital stay. since then, fans have come to this area not far from where brown grew up to leave tokens of respect and appreciation. brown was scheduled to play a sold-out show at the newly renovated howard on april 1st. he fell ill just days before that. today, the formal farewell begins first with this public viewing. fans will able to quietly wa
and late into the night honoring the life of music legend chuck brown. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> straight up 6:00 on this tuesday, may 29th. hope air doing well after your memorial day weekend. temperatures though are still going to make it feel like it was this weekend. it is definitely warm and humid out there as we start your morning. i'm he sarah simmons i don't i'm will thomas. i know a lot of you had a three- day weekend so it is sort of back to the routine and back to more really hot weather unfortunately. tucker barnes is on set with us to start us off. good morning. >> good morning. temperature never really cooled off overnight. we are still in the mid-70s in the city. and any time you start your day with the temperature at 76 degrees, you know where you're headed from there. >> oh, yeah. y no heat advisory today. we had one yesterday but it will be up comfortable way lot of heat and humidity around here for one more day. let's start with a look at our radar. a little haze out there but there should be a lot of sunshine to start your day. eventually,
. ♪ >>> a final tribute. chuck brown fans honoring the good father of go-go in -- the godfather of go-go in a place that could not be more fitting. good morning, welcome to "news4 today," i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:00 a.m. straight up, 3 degrees outside our studios. the sun is up, and we'll see heat gaenagain, tom, pushing th heat index into the 90s? >> a mini heat wave. this is the end of it. we'll get a nice break tomorrow. between now and then, we'll have to pay for that break in the form some strong thunderstorms that may be developing later today. not now. the latest view, we have a clear start, a beautiful morning underway. the birds are chirping so hard, they're wincing. i was just outside, and the morning is off to a pleasant start temperaturewise, too. it's a comfortable morning now. if you do absolutely have to get in your exercise, do it over the next few hours. and right now, in the 70s. we'll hold steady in the 70s throughout much of the morning. by late morning, it will be near 80. then mid 80s by noontime. during the afternoon, here's your day
say some chunking of the debris the size of cell phones. nobody was hurt. >>> chuck brown, godfather of go-go, being celebrated today at the howard theater. thousands of people stood in lines that stretched for blocks to say farewell to the d.c. pioneer. >> good evening. t street northwest in front of the howard theater you can see filled with people. the interesting thing is, people come to this viewing. they wait in line. they go inside for a few minutes to pay their respects and then they come out and they don't want to leave. they want to be part of the street party. a sendoff for singer chuck brown. ♪ >> reporter: chuck brown was a force whenever he performed despite his success, he remained grounded and will always be remembered as the d.c. native son. >> he loved washington. he represented this city to the fullest. the city loved him back as you can see. >> reporter: fans waited in a long line that stretch three blocks at one point to get into the howard athleter to pay their last respects. >> what do you think he would be thinking? >> he would want to be playing. >> if he d
things rolling on this may 29. good morning, washington. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden standing by but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. temperatures will keep climbing. >> we are starting the day in the '70s, on our way to nearly 90 this afternoon with humidity. you will feel that first thing today when. you step when it will get run out in the thundershowers later on today. expect downpours and localized heavy rain. not everybody will see the downpours, but we will have chareas of heavy showers. it is 73 degrees right now in arlington, 72 in suitland and leesburg, 69 in hamilton, virginia 71 in waldorf, 69 in culpeper. widespread showers and thunderstorms later on today with localized downpours. some of the first few storms could started around lunchtime west of interstate 81. how does it look so far in the commute? >> we will talk to lisa in a moment. in northern italy there was a 5.8 magnitude quake that shook the region. italian media reports at least eight people died. some survivors are still buried in the rubble.
of this accident. >> we're remembering chuck brown, the legend. thousands lined up for the viewing of the man called the bond -- godfather of go-go. >> after walking around here and the atmosphere is one of a big block party or festival. they started lining up here at 6:00 a.m. this morning and for the most part, there has been a steady stream of people into the howard theatre all day. for a last look at to chuck brown, who died may 16 at age 75. the chuck brown the d.c. knew and loved laid in state. one man brought his oxygen. >> i was born and raised on him. >> i named one of my sons to brown in 1986. aiello said camacho brown is my baby's name. -- i always said chuck brown is my baby's name. >> they came with t-shirts and buttons. his children came out and mingle. >> we love the city. he is the city. he is like our eldest -- elvis. >> he gave so much love sunday as receiving a back. it is humbling but not surprising. >> the way was too much for some. one woman hecollapsed and had to be taken away by ambulance. he was dressed in death as he did in life. one man said he looked regal. >> he i
, they are discovering who they are, what they want to do, i had already known that. >> suarez: and jeffrey brown interviews a filmmaker who chronicled one wounded marine's journey from the frontlines in afghanistan to civilian life in north carolina. >> i actually brought in a lot of my own personal experiences of going to war and coming home from it and what i realized was that the fighting doesn't end when these men come back, it just continues in a different way. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. >> look, it's so simple. >> in a year, the bright minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea. adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud, all in real time. >> good idea. >> it's the at&t network. providing new ways to work together, so business works better. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and fi
dcs howard theatre where today the public viewing for music legend chuck brown will be held. >> throughout the day, thousands of fans are expected to come out and honor the god father of go go. melanie alnwick is live with details. >> good morning tony. street closures around the area are going to begin in two and a half hours once rush hour subsides, 9:30 a.m. we will start to see more and more of the streets here around the howard starting to get locked off and we will begin -- blocked off and we will he bin to see more fans -- begin to see more fans arrive. the family will arrive at 9:00 a.m. and going in a side door toward the back. around 10:00 a.m. members of chuck brown's band will also arrive. the casket carrying chuck brown and the hearse carrying that casket arrived 6:00 a.m. this morning. it was in a cream white hearse they came around to the side door. i was thinking about sort of like that is where chuck brown would have come when he was performing they are coming in through the side door. so sort of not exactly though the entrance that most people here would ha
their respects to chuck brown. >> the godfather of go-go died earlier this month after being hospitalized for several weeks. he was 75. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at the site of today's viewing, the howard theatre. good morning, delia. are we seeing anything happening getting ready for what's going to happen in just a few hours? >> reporter: we're certainly still a few hours away but lots of work is being done. take a look we can see that some barriers, some guards have already been put up for the 30,000 people who are expected to come. we're told those folks are supposed to line down c street here and wrap around 7th street. so you can see there are guards already in place for the folks to line up. we have some tents setting up, some folks setting up tents at this point and foods trucks. certainly lots of activity to get ready for what is expected to be a very big day here in washington, d.c. as i said, more than 30,000 fans expected to file into the howard theatre to say goodbye. chuck brown was d.c. in a farewell ceremony scheduled for stand and thursday -- for today an
: and as author toni morrison is awarded the presidential medal of freedom today, jeffrey brown talks with her about her latest novel "home", set in america in the 1950s. >> there was something going on in the country, that really became the sea, and the little green shoots that became the civil rights movement, and the anti-vietnam war movement. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> growing up in arctic norway, everybody took fish oil to stay healthy. when i moved to the united states almost 30 years ago, i could not find an omega-3 fish oil that worked for me. i became inspired to bring a new definition of fish oil quality to the world. today, nordic naturals is working to fulfill our mission of bringing omega-3s to everyone, because we believe omega-3s are essential to life. >> at&t >> the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possib
of the single engine piper survived. the pilot and passenger were killed. >> an emotional sendoff for brown. the ceremony is continuing into the evening. there was an all day doing. some big names in d.c. politics and music lovers. the theater has been filled with fans of the late entertainer. >> for many of his fans, chuck brown was such a source of pride and so they are here in droves to remember him at the howard theatre. they started lining up at 6:00 a.m. to pay their respects to an icon. michael berry said he was first in line. >> the picture i wanted to do prior to his passing but once he passed i was moved to jump on it right away. >> chuck brown created his music here called and dc claimed it as its home town music and chuck brown as its legend. whenever he moved around the city, he was mobbed by his fans. >> i love taking pictures and signing autographs. there was a time that the only people who took pictures of me was the police. >> he is the source of city pride. >> i am a native washingtonian. >> he is a legend from dc >> the crowd interrupted as another dc legend came to pay
chuck brown. >> pieces of an airplane fall off and crash to the earth below. the emergency landing is next. >>> plus, madonna mocks lady gaga on teenage for stealing her song. good afternoon. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handley. >> we begin with the heat and the cooldown to come. >> tracking those storms out west. >> we've had this heat and humidity all day right and yesterday and we're seeing that cold front approach and a number of severe thunderstorm to our west and especially north of the area. in fact, upstate north, they have a tornado watch. as far as this area goes, advancing very quickly to the east and northeast. you can see several clusters of thunderstorms and they are producing a lot of lightning. so they're still intensifying and we could be seeing some small hail with these as well. we have one little area to the south of hagerstown. that storm is its way to the northeast, moving away from i-81 toward 70 right now. so that will be crossing right over 70 in the next couple of minutes advancing to the north and east. a lot of heavy rain, frequent lightning, possibl
block party and fans going into the theatre and saw the chuck brown they have grown to love and his familiar wide bridged hat and looking like he's ready to perform on stage and that line continues and that is picking up around the time people were getting off from work and this is that special d.c. tribute. and it was bigger in d.c. and he was a local legend who found real fame late in life and nominated for and received his first grammy in 2010 for best r&b performance for love, which he recorded with jill scott. his fans know that they love him and remember. >> he had great music and had us rocking all night long. many, many nights. they do what he did and share it with his audience and how much he loved his audience in d.c. >> what i remember most about the go goes is that everybody came together to have fun. to listen, to go go, whether it was chuck brown, bu, prophecy, you know, it was natural fun. you know, late night hanging out and just having fun and dancing. >> chuck was a good friend of mine, and he did so much for so many and it's nice to see the people are coming back
, washington. it's tuesday, may 29. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden in a moment. but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> 4:30 on this tuesday. back to work and back to school. more heat and humidity. high temperatures near 90 yesterday. that was the first day with 90 degrees at reagan national. 76 degrees in arlington this morning, 70 in hamilton. montgomery village 73. we are starting the day in the '70s and we have humidity. highs near 90. widespread thundershowers expected this afternoon and evening with locally heavy rainfall. there's a lot of moisture in the air to be squeezed out. the thundershowers should linger into tomorrow morning. gradually becoming less humid on wednesday. noticeably less humid by thursday and friday. now to lisa. >> it was all happening. 50 across the bay bridge. a picture of the aftermath. things are beautiful right now. just a couple of cars coming from the westbound direction off the eastern shore heading towards annapolis. going down nicely. where is happening is the
to the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. it started at 11:00 this morning down at the historic howard theater at northwest and tonight it's still going strong. it will be that way for another few hours. the cameras are not allowed inside the viewing, but his family did release this photo. there they are, people paying respect to chuck brown. matt jablow is live where more and more folks are still showing up. matt. >> derek, it should come as no surprised to anybody that knows chuck brown. thousands of people has come to the viewing and the impromptu block party that chuck would very much have enjoyed. joining me now is ellis. thanks for joining us on a busy and emotional day. >> it sure has been. >> how many people exactly or roughly have been through the viewing today? >> well, from our count, 10,000 people have come through the doors of the howard theater to view chuck brown. we expect another close to 5,000 before the night is out. >> not surprising, as i was saying earlier, is that what you were expecting? >> new orleans. we were expecting somewhere around 15 to 20,000. it's going t
-go, chuck brown. brown's body arrived this morning at the howard theater in northwest d.c. where a public viewing is just beginning. the music legend performed many times for fans at that theater. now they're once again gathering there. news4's megan mcgrath is live at the theater and has more for us now. now megan, good morning. >> good morning, barbara, chuck brown had a large and loyal following. you can see that by looking at this line. just how many people are here, we have hundreds of folks waiting in line to go in and say one last final farewell. some of these people have been here since about 7:30 this morning. it's hot out here. many don't have water, but they're willing to wait in line just to say good-bye to a music legend. ♪ ♪ ♪ chuck brown, the godfather of go-go, up on stage. that's where he lived his life. so it seems only fitting that in death, his fans are saying good-bye inside the howard theater. >> chuck brown has left us a great history of legend of go-go for almost 30-some years of music. >> reporter: the spirit of go-go fills the space today. fans are flocking
. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin overseas this morning. for the second time in just over a week northern italy has been rocked by an earthquake. it was 5.8 north of the city of bolog bologna. there are reports some buildings collapsed but no reports of injuries. nine days ago a quake killed seven people damaging hundreds of buildings. >>> texas primary voters are all but sure to give romney enough delegates to assure the republican presidential nomination. he's been campaigning for weeks attacking president obama and romney is back on the campaign trail today. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning with more. >>> romney is right on the brink of clinching that nomination in texas. we'll do it for him today. meanwhile he used memoir yeah day to promise he'll maintain the strongest military in the world just as the president planned to downsize it. after months of primaries and caucuses, romney will likely pass the 1, 144 delegates needed when texas voters go to the p l polls. the former massachusetts governor returns to the campaign trail after appearing
because of chuck. >> tell me what chuck meant to you. >> i am one of the members, chuck brown was an inspiration to everyone in washington. anybody who liked music should have been here, if they haven't been here, they should be. >> just about anybody and everybody has been down here to take a look. this wasn't your typical way. from the outside, there was laughter and spontaneous tributes to a 75-year-old man that made this city dance and sing for more than 50 years. >> i miss him already. he's a legend in d.c. i know him personally. >> what's your favorite song? >> i need money. >> go-go. >> leaders came by in droves this morning to pay their respect in private to a man who barely finished high school and who learned to play the guitar while playing guitar. >> go-go, unique to the district. chuck took it around the world and we're going to miss him. >> busting loose. but it don't mean a thing if it don't got the go-go swing. >> at the family's request, cameras were not allowed inside the howard theater, but chuck brown's children came out to share their thoughts. >>
. >> the public gets a chance to say goodbye this week to d.c. musical legend chuck brown. today a public hearing for the "godfather of go-go will be held at the howard theater in d.c. jummy olabanji is live in northwest with a look ahead. >> good morning. we are outside the howard theatre. even at this early morning hours, preparations are underway. you can see crews are putting up several dozen of those steel grates that will be the line for people waiting to see chuck brown. he died last week after suffering from pneumonia. he was 75 years old. the public viewing will take place today at the howard theatre beginning at 11:00 this morning. that will go until 10:00 tonight. everyone is invited. members of his family will be here as well as his band mates. and city dignitaries including d.c. mayor vincent gray. on thursday, that's when there will be a public memorial service. that will be held at the d.c. convention center from noon until 3:00. that is expected to be a heavily attended event as well. just a reminder for anyone wanting to come out, here this out d.c. police have this area blocked
plates since 2002, however $3 million was reportedly raided by governor jerry brown and governor arnold schwarzenegger to plug in budget gaps. only $80,000 went to the victims of 9/11 and 40,000 was pleasant on antiterrorism programs. >>> today, people will be armed with -- among them all bright the first woman of the secretary of state. and the medal of freedom is awarded to those who made major contributions to society. >>> let's go to sal and check in on the commute how is it going, sal? >>> not bad, if you are driving in some areas but other areas are getting busy though. highway 4 is getting busy passed willow pass grade and there is a stalled big-rig making it slow and even if that area is getting slowed, you will see it because of the rain blockage and you will see traffic will be a little bit slow now that the metering lights have been turned on. and the morning drive looks good on 280 and 81 so we are off to some good starts in santa clara valley. let's go to steve. >>> we have some sun in a few locations and it will fall -- what i am trying to say, the fog will burn off even t
] that was a long time ago, i can tell you. senator feinstein, mayor lee, and they are brown, supervisors, other officials and guests -- mayor brown, supervisors, other officials and guests, muni is today what it is because of people like mr. flynn devoted their lives to it. i am joined by several directors, including our vice president, who leads a lot of our efforts. doug is the man who, when he was deputy mayor and planning commissioner, had a lot to do with the embarcadero uc today. -- you see today. he has given so much of his time to san francisco to make it a better place. we joined today in celebrating america's first big city publicly owned transportation system owned by the people themselves. today, it is a landmark of the progressivism that has marked our city for a century. the historic streetcar we rededicate today, is a city symbol of the history. it carried generations of san franciscans around the city to shop, to work, to learn, to play. it almost certainly carried my grandparents when they lived on utah st. and is america's first publicly owned big city streetcar, it almost cer
, mid-80s inland. then the return of the 90s, and i am not talking about bobby brown on the "today" show yesterday, talking about hot weather in the bay area. get ready for that. >> that's your prerogative. good call on bobby brown. like we're going to dance going to lunch. >> i'm in the mood. >> all right. >>> coming up, a story that may be hard to swallow for fish lovers. radiation from japan's nuclear disaster showing up in tuna off the california coast. >>> and for the second time this month, northern italy devastated by a powerful earthquake. we have an update coming up. >>> we try to eek out good news from the latest housing report straight ahead. >>> and here is a live look. that's the sonul grade. traffic moving fine. looks to be clear skies there. we will get the muleteolrologis loometeorologist christina loren when we come back. stay with us. re >>> it is being described as a coordinated blow to syrian president assad's regime. expelling diplomats in syria. this follows a massacre of more than 100 on friday. the countries involved in the expulsions are expected to push for toug
of chuck brown will hold a public viewing at the howard theater. wisdom martin has more on how the fans will have say chance to say good-bye. ♪ when i first came to the city ♪ will be the last chance for fans to say good-bye to chuck brown at howard theater. >> to walk into the theater and see him in his hat, guitar. >> reporter: brown had been in the theater during the renovation. he was scheduled to perform here april 21st. >> i know chuck was very excited about getting back here at the howard. >> reporter: he would never get the chance to take the stage. he died earlier this morning at the age of 75. now his fans will meet at howard theater to pay their respects and honor his legacy. organizers are expecting thousands of people to be here and also expect it to be extremely hot. because of that emergency personnel will set up across the street at ellington plaza. >> the fire department, ems, police department, everyone will be outside. we have tons of water for the public as well. we'll have a nursings station. >> reporter: with more than 30,000 expected -- a nurses station. >
to thank former mayor brown for being here as well. [applause] archie protocol officer -- our chief protocol officer, thank you for being here as well. [applause] someone i learned a lot from being city administrator, our previous city administrator. thank you for being here. i am so thrilled to share the stage with so many of our elected officials, our mta board, our supervisors, but certainly, foremost in my mind has been our wonderful senator dianne feinstein, who really have the compassion for this system. before i introduce her, i just wanted to just let you know again how valuable this system is to us and what it means to us today, but in recognition of that, before we do that, it still is -- i mean, we've got 63 bus routes that are managed by our mta. seven light rail lines. the historic f line streetcars, of course. 700,000 daily borders of our mta -- daily boarders of our mta. of course, senator, as you so well articulated just moments ago, no mayor can ever escape a comment on a daily basis about somebody's quality of ride in the city. because it is so much part of our dai
the victim's friends and families. the plans to honor the life and legacy of chuck brown. >> in just a few hours, a friends and loved ones together to remember of life of the godfather gogo. a public viewing will be held tomorrow. chuck brown died two weeks ago. the 75-year-old had been hospitalized while battling pneumonia. a memorial service is scheduled at the d.c. center this thursday at noon. we will have multiple crews tomorrows of ewing. newscastto our tomorrow. we will keep you posted. a former supreme court justice and legendary basketball coach astronauts all received one of the nation's most prestigious honor. the presidential medal of at the whiterow house. the medal of freedom is the civilian highest honor. come, a disturbing happens for the second month. a farm animals stabbed by an unknown attacker. >> a gallon maryland man is a trying tolled while ocean city.reet in trying tolled while ocean city.reet in we will hav [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the
of people expected to file through the howard theatre to remember the father of gogo chuck brown. >> very busy. i just got the chance to go inside a couple of minutes ago. inside it is very quiet as people make their way to greet their family at chuck brown. outside as people wait to go inside, much more of a celebration of the got father's life. >> hours before the doors to the theater opened, chuckaholics waited for their chance to go in and say goodbye to the godfather of gogo. >> he made us feel like he was family. they told us they were not at all surprised to see the large outpouring of love and support. >> i would go all over to see him. he was great. >> he passed away earlier this month due to complications from pneumonia. fans are still filled with a motion from his seventh passingudden passing. linda boyd followed his music for more than half of his life, attending concert after concert. he used to come out and shake my hand. he used to perform for sell-out crowds. the concert was pushed back to june because. music still rings loud in their hearts. >> ♪ [laughter] >> there wi
will pay tribute to chuck brown. thousands are expected to gather at the howard theater for a public viewing. on thursday, a public memorial service will be held from noon until 3:00 at the washington convention center. >>> president obama marked a milestone monday speaking at the vietnam veterans memorial for the first time as commander in chief. the president was joined by vice president bideen and the secretary. defense among others. >> but there were many vietnam veterans who say they couldn't get into a ceremony they've been attending for years. tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: the president arrived at the vietnam veterans memorial to the strains of hail to the chief. thousands gathered here as they do every year for one singular purpose. >> today is memorial day. >> reporter: the president honored the 58,282 names on the wall who died in vietnam, thanked surviving vietnam veterans for reaching out to today's veterans. >> you cared for those who followed. you made it your mission to make sure today's troops get the respect and support that all too often did you not rec
. stewart says this year's lack of rain has turned things brown and dry extra early. making the bay area vegetation more flammable than ever. >> the point we've never seen it in 20 years of documentation. we've never seen it this low. we would take off instantaneously in a fire. >> reporter: conditions have led to an earlier start to fire season. beginning today cal fire stations across the bay area are staffed and ready to roll. >> they're geared up to basically save people's homes. life and property is our main focus. >> reporter: cal fire officials say conditions are so dangerous this year, it's crucial for homeowners to do their part. >> each homeowner has to do 150-foot clearance so it makes our job easier. it gives us a fighting chance for them. >> reporter: to add fuel to the situation, fire stations across the bay area and state have been forced to cut back. it just could add up to one of the worst fire seasons in recent history. >> i'm nervous and i'm nervous about the type of fire, how big they're going to get this year and the hack of firefighters on the fire ground and it's g
in idaho, the brown family was suddenly able to get a signal on their cell phone and call 911. >> i'm on an airplane and i crashed, and i'm in the mountains. >> reporter: it was saturday night. california fire captain brian brown's cessna had crashed. on board brown's wife and daughter heather. >> where are you at, hon? >> i'm 29 miles east or west of mountain home, idaho. i need you to send a search party please. >> i'll tell you, when the dispatcher answered the phone, and we were able to tell them, you know, we crashed our plane, we need someone to find us, it was the strongest moment of hope, you know, that there was definite hope that we were going to get out of there. >> reporter: fighting whiteout conditions, six foot snow drifts and 60 degree slopes, it took almost 15 hours for rescuers to reach the crash site. the browns had been flying from california to idaho to see their other daughter tabitha when the plane stalled. >> we actually were dressed for the summer and we were out there in the freezing temperatures. we were dealing with that on top of all the other injuries th
.c. region is paying tribute to d.c. music legend chuck brown today. the crowds lined up for a public viewing. the line is so long, they stretch down the block and around the corner. fox 5s karen gray houston is at the viewing tonight in northwest. karen? >> reporter: this is exciting here. what you see happening here, it's kind of a picture block party, a fitting tribute to the father of go go and can you get your chuck brown f-shirts there and there is that long line, a spillover for fans who went earlier to pay their tribute and some are full of emotions, remembering chuck brown as they remembered him n a wide bridge hat, dressed as he would be if he was on stage. in this outpouring of support is a collective thank you from the nation's capitol and that is from the young. especially from some older followers, people who remember when it was on top of the r&b singles chart in 1979. some coming to say farewell including official washington, the mayor, and members of the d.c. council. >> from the very beginning, we hit it off as two individual whoops on the hard way, you know and chuck was in
about the presidential race -- looking for segues, massachusetts senator scott brown's re-election campaign is out with a new ad promoting his bipartisanship. it says that, he's helped pass all of these laws, working across the aisle. tauting compromise may be political suicide but not in massachusetts. >> it worked for mitt romney when he was running in massachusetts. >> that's true. that's true. >> i guess we'll see scott brown make his adjustment when he goes national. really surprising to me, maybe you guys could talk about it, too, is just how little this controversy is over elizabeth warren's apparent indian heritage has knocked her down. she seems to -- the last poll had her within a point. doesn't sem liem like brown, smy positioned, really seems to be able to pull away here. >> if the race were purely a popularity contest he would win this thing kind of easily. reminds me of the massachusetts senate race, weld and kerry in 1996 where that same dynamic would have existed. the party label's drag for weld in 1996, he couldn't win that race. the party label's a drag f
of chuck brown. god gather of go go. we'll have what you need to know about tomorrow's big gathering. >>> also ahead, a serious shortage felt deeply on days like today. not enough buglers >>> this week chuck brown fans will have their chance to bid a farewell to the godfather of go go. it is tomorrow from 11:00 to 10 pk p.m. from the howard theater. then on thursday you can go to the washington convention center. if you can't make it in person, we'll be broadcasting it tomorrow on air and on our website >>> a lone bugler plays taps during the memorial day ceremony. but at commemorations, that was something missing. a live musician. as reporter bruce leshan explains, there is a nationwide shortage of buglers or trumpeters to play for the vets. >> reporter: 66 years old taps playing ♪ >> reporter: struggling from cancer and the after effects of a stroke, retired navy musician doug sorensen played taps at the ceremony. more than a decade ago, congress agreed that every vet deserved a two person military escort to fold the flag and play taps on a cd. ♪ taps playing >> repo
of freedom. joining the president and first lady is mrs. rose marie saber brown, wife of the medal of honor winner. joining the vice-president of the united states, joe biden and r. joe biden is mrs. judanine sigen. in honor of american prisoners of war. joining for hon. leon panetta, secretary of defense, the sara frances chea, in honor of all those who remain unaccounted for it to whom we renew our commitment to the fullest possible accounting. joining the hon. can salazar, secretary of the interior, the brother and specialist of the u.s. army as they honor all who served. shinseki,n. directions at teric ons of frank meiry.neiry joining general rate or bnl, chief of staff united states army, genet early, wife of howard early in honor of every soldier who served. joining major-general timothy he and a thin, united states marine corps, carter krause, a mother of medal of honor recipient, bruce carter in honor of every marine who served. joining averell mark ferguson, vice chief of naval operations, stephanie low burke, these of petty officer richard hunt in honor of every sailor who served.
to chris brown. chris is outside the howard theater where the viewing is still taking place at this hour. >> reporter: good evening. it is hot. it has been sunny all day. we've had a few problems with the crowd. a couple people overcome with the heat. the ambulances transported them. other people selling water so people can stay hydrated. this has become a street party of sorts and will probably last until 10:00 p.m. a street party which is a fitting tribute to the godfather of go-go. fans sang songs in his memory and showed us the way his music makes them move. tony was a dancer who performed on stage with him. >> i started with chuck when i was 15 years old. now i'm 50. i'm going to miss him very much. >> reporter: the godfather of go-go touched so many lives. >> he is my real godfather. he is an inover 58thor. he isn't going anywhere. from of them, we'll be with him one day again. and god rest his soul in peace. we love you, chuck. >> reporter: fans waited in long lines to get into the howard athleter to pay their last respects. the d.c. mayor '50 sent gray spent an hour beside the ca
will line up to pay their last respects to music legend chuck brown. >> the man known as the godfather of go-go music died may 16 of pneumonia at the age of 75. a public viewing for brown begins at 11:00 this morning at the howard theater. doors will stay open until 10:00 tonight. brown's funeral is thursday at noon at the washington convention center. >>> if you plan to attend either service, organizers urge you to use public transportation right after the morning rush. d.c. police will close t street near the howard theater from 7th street to florida avenue. you'll find roadblocks on 7th and 8th between florida and s. the roads will be closed until midnight. then thursday, for the funeral, l street will be closed near the washington convention center between th and 9th streets. parking is also limited at both locations. >>> 4:31. time for a first look at the forecast. as soon as i stepped outside the door, i could feel the humidity. it's still may, tomb. >> yeah. cooled a little bit, yeah, was feeling more like the 4th of july than memorial day. yesterday got to around 90 degrees. to
. documents show they discovered reddish brown stains in the little girl's pwerl and more clues in a car that has been seen outside of the family home. mark furman is former l.a.p.d. homicide detective and fox news contributor and mark has been combing through the latest evidence has it's been released, although only in bits and pieces, mark. we don't have the full picture. but tell us what you have gleaned from what they've released so far. >> well, what the report versus said so far, reddish brown stains, which we don't know if it's the product of somebody trying to clean up or they're actually pure in the state they were deposited. we don't know if it's blood, we don't know if it's human blood. they don't specify they had any presumptive tests. so what we do know is if the reddish brown stains in the bedroom are, in fact, the child's and the reddish brown stains in the trunk are, in fact, the child's, and they're connected -- but either way, if they are really blood and they're connected in any way to be the same blood in the room as in the trunk, you have a nexus there that kind of i
under the influence. justin brown was arrested on highway 101 just south of the golden gate bridge earlier this month. she had a bloodel alcohol content after hitting 2 cars and driving away. last year they complained about the paul revere disciplinary method. >> there are almost 6500 crosses on the corner of deer hill and bart station. each one represents a soldier or american air marine who died. >> although they not an active combat role, they will still have it and that is the reason we will remain here. >> the department of veteran's affairs says veterans commit suicide every day. 21-year-old army specialist hernandez died saturday in southern afghanistan. enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised bomb. >>> right now it is 450 . new project for michelle obama, the underwater vessel she agreed to stops sore. >>> the first words she spoke to her family in peeks, stay tuned for more -- familiar in weeks, stay tuned. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, the victim of a flesh eating bacteria is now speaking. the family of amy said she is speaking for the f
the sponsors who have made the summit possible. the law firm of brown and furtel and my good friend, dave young, thank you. the criminal trial lawyers association. we'll hear from their incoming president in a few minutes. and also stuart hanlon as well as the bar association of san francisco. so let's have a round of applause for our sponsors today . let's get down to it. so before we get started i want to introduce someone who's a wonderful leader in our community and that's the president of the bar association of san francisco. >> thank you. thank you, jeff, for inviting me on behalf of the bar association of san francisco. i'm priya sanger. i'm president of the bar association of san francisco. basf, as we note the bar association to be called, has had a long relationship with the public defenders office. it is crucially important for administration of justice. and so is san francisco conflicts panels where administration, which the bar association has provided in partnership with public defenders. so in san francisco when a public defender has a conflict of interest, criminal defendants an
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